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August 2023 - Peace Be With You

This month’s blog comes from one of our beloved younger brothers, and soon-to-be father, Jake Raymond.

The subject is peace. All people yearn for peace, but Christ alone offers true and lasting peace, (see John 14:27). How do you define peace, is it simply the absence of conflict or the presence of tranquility? Is true peace available to us today? If so, how do you live it out when there is so much trouble in the world? Further, how can we share this peace with those around us? Read this blog and be encouraged, for we serve an awesome God.

Remember, if you feel led to write a future blog, please contact Arthur Corbin (acorbin@gasauthority.com) or Chris Strippelhoff (chris.strippelhoff@gmail.com).

In His name,

Arthur, Bob, Chris & Steve

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