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October 2021 - Paul Gouin - Contentment

This is the next blog and I have ask Paul Gouin to do another. His first blog was so well received I wanted to include him again.

Paul and Rachel live on Lake Martin and he is a builder. They are a wonderful couple in Jesus. They have 2 boys. One is a furniture designer in California and is doing some design on a desk for the CEO of Apple. Great wife but no grandkids...yet. The other son is an honor graduate out of West Point and is now presently stationed in Italy. Great family and they all profess Jesus.

His subject is contentment. How would you grade your contentment, Great...modest...not at all...?  I was taught that being discontent and struggling is how you will grow. Is this true?

The bible says there is great gain with contentment. I wonder what kind of gain?

God's blessings on you,


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