Where we came from

and how we got started

Where we came from

Over 30 years ago, a few laymen who loved studying God's Word got together for a weekend study at Stone Mountain, Georgia.  They felt so moved by the event that they decided to meet again the following year. One year followed another and here we are all these years later still getting together.

That first conference has also inspired other similar conferences throughout the country.  This includes gatherings in Tennessee, California, Michigan, Colorado and Florida.  Who knew a few guys getting together could launch a 30-year ministry?

Who We Are today

R12.2's mission is to provide tools to laymen who want to lead other men in studying the Word.  The Leadership Team takes care of the coordination and logistics.  But, the Sponsors are doing the real work inviting and meeting with men throughout the year.

A lot of focus is placed on the Leadership Conferences held annually in October.  But we also provide other resources including smaller events, books, recordings, etc.

The bottom line:  We're not about being a big organization.  We're about serving God by helping to equip men to study His Word.